Why Have A Coach?

So we have jumped into this advising process to have someone hold our hands and keep us from second, third and fourth guessing ourselves. Someone else can give Charlie feedback on his essay (as a writer, I try to stay as far away from his work as possible), tell him whether he should retake any of the tests, tell him he should take A.P. English rather than regular. Someone else can get him to consider schools he has never heard of, hear him in ways that we can’t, and encourage more self-discovery. More important, someone else can give him deadlines and take over the nudging.” — Megan Zinn, The New York Times

The college application process has become increasingly complex, and acceptance has become increasingly competitive. In this environment, it is imperative that a student’s application, especially his essays, differentiate him from other applicants, and leave a positive, lasting impact on the reader. Over the past ten years, I have worked with students of all abilities, and developed a compelling, team-based system that results in honest, effective and memorable essays — that lead to accepted applications.

I also stress the importance of choosing the proper schools for each individual student, so we formulate a list based on several criteria.  Education is key, but it’s equally important that a student is happy, inspired, and motivated to succeed.



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