The Method

A Different Approach

We start with a personal, one-on-one meeting at a neutral, comfortable site. Together, we decide what distinguishes the student and which experiences would best express her ideals and future interests. We formulate a plan for incorporating these concepts into the essay response.

If necessary, we create a list of schools that match the student’s interests and  aptitude, geographical location and budget.

Step by Step

To encourage creativity and inspiration, the student prepares a content-based, free-form writing sample, with no worries about grammar, structure, spelling or judgment. Based upon this, we create an outline and rough draft, which I review, critique and edit.

Second and third drafts follow, building upon the initial foundation. The process is not complete until both of us are satisfied that the question has been effectively answered, and the student has offered a well-written essay that offers meaning and insight.

Unlike other college advising services, I don’t charge an hourly rate for the primary personal statement (i.e. Common App essay).  My experience and training has shown that good, effective writing takes time and patience.  Watching a clock is counter-productive to the goal of creating a stress-free, comfortable working environment. 


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