“Barbara has assisted all three of my children with the college essay process. Each one was able to get into the top school of their choice, including an Ivy League graduate school. She supported them throughout the process,  including when there was a deferral, greatly improving their chances of admission. She is able to help each individual find his/her own voice and articulate what makes them noteworthy for admission. She provided inspiration, guidance and support throughout the process. I can recommend Barbara with 100% confidence. She will be one of the best investments in your child’s college application that you can make!”

“My son has been accepted to every school he’s applied to, and I give full credit to Barbara’s advice regarding school choices, and the outstanding essay accompanying his application.  The college counselor even remarked that it was one of the best essays he’s ever read.   We are so grateful!”

“Barbara took all the stress out of the essay writing process.  She is the perfect vehicle to bring together your child’s ideas and your (appropriately managed) expectations.  Her vast experience, combined with her professional and approachable demeanor, make a winning combination for this anxiety-ridden undertaking.  I will definitely use her for all of my children and insist that my friends use her as well.”

 “Barbara was amazing with my twins!  She gave them each individual attention and developed a great rapport with each of them (one boy and one girl).  The environment Barbara provided was conducive for them to create authentic and creative essays that truly captured the essence of each of them!  As a parent, I highly recommend Barbara to coach your child through the college essay process! She took all the stress out of this piece of the college application process.”

“Barbara helped my daughter with her college essay,  relieving us from a lot of stress! All communication was between my daughter and Barbara – I was not involved in the process at all, until the end.  My daughter appreciated the independence, and I appreciated not having to nag or worry!”

We are so very grateful to Barbara for all her help during my daughter’s college application process.  She took charge of all her essay writing:  she helped her decide on a topic, set deadlines, and edited her essays. My husband and I were not involved. All my daughter’s essays were beautifully written and in her voice. Without Barbara’s help we could never have made it through the application process. She took all the stress out of the essay writing. I would highly recommend Barbara! (In addition, my daughter was admitted to her first choice school.)”

“Amazing!   My daughter has several medical issues, and we never thought she’d ever be able to get her application together.  Barbara helped her create an incredible essay, and she was accepted to her first school! We are so grateful to Barbara for her guidance.”

“Barbara was honest with my daughter and helped her write an amazing essay.  She even received a handwritten note on her acceptance letter praising her on her essay.  I have already told Barbara that she will be helping my son with his application in 4 years!”

“My daughter absolutely loved working with you, and we can’t thank you enough for helping her through the process.   You gave her great advice, but did it in such a kind way that she was able to receive it even though she was incredibly stressed.   Thank you again!”

“Her first choice!!! My daughter is over-the-moon happy and relieved.  Thank you for your care and attention.  You made the difficult process manageable.  Now the hardest part is deciding!” 

“Thank you so much!!!!!!!! We are sooooooo happy!!!! You are fantastic and I sing your praises!”